It will be a difficult year, but we’re not giving up!

We’re getting ready for a special 24-hour race, without teams

A year has passed since the forced cancellation of the events organized by Pedale Feltrino: the Sportful Dolomiti Race granfondo, the Mini Gran Fondo for children and the Castelli24h. But the club has no plans to throw in the towel.

“This past year has been painful for many and very difficult for everyone, including for the world of sports and for our events,” explained Ivan Piol, president of the event organizing committee. “Health situation permitting, the committee will do everything possible this year to avoid canceling the events that have been the pride and joy of the province of Belluno for 26 years. We have many plans and, as far as possible, the support of the municipal administration and sponsors, with whom we are already studying every aspect.”

The most complicated event to manage seems to be the 24-hour race on June 11 and 12(the granfondo will be onJune 20), an event that is built around teams, which, unfortunately, also bring people together in close quarters.

“In light of the current health situation, it’s not possible to consider a Castelli24h as we know it, in its traditional formula,” said Piol. “Even if things improve, as we hope, it’s impossible to imagine the presence of assistance areas with gazebos or tents, the teams, and the exchange area, which are the three elements that characterize the 24-hour race but unfortunately also create the most opportunities for close contact.”

“For this year, we need to reset everything: the 2021 event will be a special, one-of-a-kind edition. We are working on it, and we have some good innovations. It will be a new experience, and it will enable us to comply with the COVID-control protocols while allowing the participants and a limited number of spectators to experience something that has no equal in Italy or Europe,” concluded the president of Pedale Feltrino. “It will be a 24-hour race without teams. Team registrations for the 2020 edition will be automatically rolled over to 2022, when we hope things will be back to normal. The 30 ‘Only One’ riders registered for the 2020 edition will be given the opportunity to confirm their registration for 2021 or postpone their participation to 2022. But there will be room for others and for other participation formulas. There will be plenty of sport and fun. We ask fans of the event to train while we keep our nose to the grindstone for a few more weeks, working in collaboration with the municipality and health authorities. Then we will assess the epidemiological and regulatory trend and present the Castelli24h special edition, COVID-free, because we want the wheels to keep turning!”

Il Comitato organizzatore di Castelli 24 Ore