Date June 12-13, 2020

Location Feltre, 1.850 km circuit in the city

Start 21.00 on Friday, June 12, 2020

Finish 21.00 on Saturday, June 13, 2020

Participation: The 24-hour race is also open to individuals holding with a license issued by the FCI, or by any of the sports promotion associations that have signed an agreement with the FCI for 2020, and in possession of a medical certificate of fitness for participation in competitive sports, and to any amateur foreign cyclist holding a UCI license issued by his or her respective national cycling federation for the 2020 season and upon presentation of the ethical certification in English and certification of fitness following model E. Foreign riders without a UCI license must submit, before the start of the event, a medical certification attesting to their fitness for participation in a competitive cycling event. This certification must not have been issued more than one year prior to the date of event registration.

Health Certificate – CASTELLI24H

Exclusion: Participation in the event is by invitation, and the organizing committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether to accept or reject a rider’s participation or to exclude a registered rider if the committee believes that his or her presence would damage the image of the event. Registration requests from riders who have been subject to doping-related sanctions or disqualifications of more than 6 months will not be accepted.


Registration fee: €50

Close of registration: May 15, 2020, or when the limit of 30 “Only One” riders is reached.


Fill out the registration form, which can be downloaded from the official website or requested from the administrative office.

Payment can by credit card by this special link



Each individual will be supplied with a standard chip. The chip cannot be given to anyone else, under penalty of disqualification. Within 2 hours of the end of the event, the chip must be returned to the location specified by the organizers. The organizers must be paid €50 for any chip that is not returned.


Front and back numbers will be supplied to ensure that each rider is recognizable.


“Only One” riders must each wear a jersey that is different from the team jerseys and from the other “Only One” riders’ jerseys. Multiple riders will not be allowed to wear the same jerseys.

Rain/wind jacket

In the event of bad weather, use of a transparent jacket is recommended to aid in the identification of race numbers.

Safety Car

In the event of an accident involving one or more riders, a wet circuit due to rain, or any other occurrence that makes the course dangerous, the safety car will be brought out. From the moment the safety car enters the circuit, for any of the reasons given, the race will be neutralized and the lap count stopped for all participants. The race will resume when the safety car leaves the circuit, upon communication from the race director.

Traffic flow

During the race, participants must keep to the right and leave room for faster riders to pass on the left.

“ONLY ONE” Assistance

Assistance area:

Near the entrance to the exchange area, the organizers will provide a gazebo (unattended) for individual riders, for support and rest during breaks. No reservations are necessary. Individuals may set up cots or other material, respecting others’ space.

Mechanical assistance:

In the event of a flat tire or other mechanical problem, changing the tire or wheel or making any other necessary repairs is the responsibility of the rider.

In the event of a mechanical problem, the rider must still complete his or her current lap in the correct direction and exit from the circuit rather than turning around and riding back against the flow of the race.

Any type of mechanical assistance alongside or within the race circuit is forbidden, upon penalty of disqualification.

Food breaks:

Each individual will manage his or her food and rest breaks independently. Assistance is the rider’s responsibility and must take place in the areas specified by the organization for team assistance. Food and drink handoffs during the race are not allowed; as with teams, individuals must leave and reenter the circuit through the exchange area. Handoffs from behind the barriers or along the course are forbidden.

“Adopt an individual”:

The organizers are promoting the “adopt an individual” initiative among all the teams registered for the 24-hour race. Each team will be asked if it is willing to host an “Only One” rider during the race. It is a voluntary initiative that should not affect anyone’s participation but is intended as a way to make the solo riders (who may not be able to bring friends or family along) feel part of the big celebration of cycling. The team spaces are located along the race route, so a team that agrees to host a solo rider may be near the exchange area or on the opposite side of the course. It is up to the individual rider to request “adoption” through the administrative office and to accept or decline any invitations received.


Handlebar extensions and aero bars are forbidden. Road bikes or mountain bikes may be used. In the event of a mechanical failure, a bicycle can be changed during the race.


During the nighttime hours, from 8pm to 6am, lights are mandatory; they must be clearly visible and attached only to the bike frame. The race directors, at their sole discretion, may prevent riders from starting if they are not in compliance with the rules.

Hard-shell helmet



The first THREE individual riders completing the most laps at the end of the 24 hours will receive prizes.


Any complaints during the event must be presented in written form to the race directors, who will evaluate them together with the competent authorities (organizers and race jury). Any claims regarding the results of the race must be presented via fax (+39 0439 300600) within 24 hours of the publication of the official classification on the website, accompanied by a €50 deposit, which will be returned in the event of an accepted claim.

Claims and complaints presented to the managers of the timing service will not be accepted.

Assistance area – food related:

As with the teams, in accordance with regulations relating to the preparation and serving of food, the event organizers, in cooperation with the municipal police and ULSS 2 (the local health authority), have established that each assistance area be allowed the use of a single tank of gas, a single fire to heat food, and a grill. The sale and serving of food or beverages to persons other than the rider’s support staff (only the rider and friends and family) is forbidden, as is the sale of souvenirs or other products, under penalty of expulsion of the rider from the race and of those responsible from the assistance area.

Every “Only One” rider who has an assistance area is REQUIRED to fill out the ULSS form supplied by the organizers and return it, completed in its entirety, by no later than Monday, June 8,

  • in person to the office at Via Montelungo 21 in Feltre,
  • via e-mail to or
  • via fax to +39 0439 300600.

The documentation will then be sent to ULSS 2 in Feltre for any further action. Failure to submit the completed form will result in the rider losing his or her right to a space in the assistance area.