Castelli24h – RULES



June 10–11, 2016


1.850 km circuit in the city of Feltre


Via Campogiorgio in Feltre, at 21:30 on Friday, June 10, 2016


Via Campogiorgio in Feltre, at 21:30 on Saturday, June 11, 2016


The event is open to teams composed of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 riders holding a valid amateur cycling license issued by the FCI or a sports promotion entity participating in the Consulta Nazionale del Ciclismo recognized by CONI (ACSI, CSI, UISP, CSAIN, US ACLI, ASI, CSEN, LIBERTAS, ASC, AICS or OPES). For those without a license, a one-day FCI license will be issued upon presentation of a medical certificate of fitness for participation in competitive sports, at a cost of €15, for third-party liability insurance during the event.

Minors may participate if they are at least 16 years old, but they must attach a parental declaration releasing the organizers from responsibility in case of an accident (the form can be downloaded from the event website), together with a copy of the ID of the parent signing the form.

A rider may not be registered for more than one team, upon penalty of disqualification of the teams involved.


Participation in the event is by invitation, and the organizing committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether to accept or reject a rider’s participation or to exclude a registered rider if the committee believes that his or her presence would damage the image of the event. Registration requests from riders who have been subject to doping-related sanctions or disqualifications of more than 6 months will not be accepted.


Registration fee:

400 euros per team through 12/31/2015

500 euros per team through 05/30/2016 or until the limit of 100 teams is reached

“Only one” fee: 50 euros

How to register:

  • By sending a fax to +39 0439 300600 or 303735 or an e-mail to, stating the name of the team and listing the participating riders (the form can be downloaded from the Internet) with first and last names, date of birth, address and license number; providing the first and last names and telephone number of the team representative; and attaching a copy of proof of payment of the registration fee, which is to be made in one deposit as follows:

Payment method:

by bank transfer, to Banca di Credito Cooperativo delle Prealpi, via Montelungo, 32032 Feltre (BL), Italy, IBAN IT39 Z089 0461 1100 2600 0000 140 BIC: I CRAITR1P4R payable to: A.S.D. Pedale Feltrino Tbh

in cash, at the Pedale Feltrino Tbh headquarters at Via Montelungo 21, Feltre, during the office hours indicated on the website

Registration closes: May 30, 2016

Initial registration of a team is possible with the provision of only the name of the team and the team representative’s information, as long as the complete list of participants with their personal information is submitted no later than May 30, 2016.

The organizers reserve the right to close registration early in the event of safety concerns and to allocate an additional 10 wild cards at their discretion. Teams that have not provided the complete documentation specified in the rules by May 30, 2016, will be automatically removed and replaced by teams on the waiting list.

The registration fee (minus 10% for administrative costs) will be reimbursed in the event that a team withdraws by May 30, 2016.



A maximum of 2 substitutions are possible, beginning on June 1.

Substitutions can be communicated via fax (+39 0439 300600) or e-mail ( until noon on Thursday, June 9.

If there are 8 to 11 riders on the list submitted by May 30, any later additions will already be considered substitutions, so no further changes will be possible.

The team listing submitted by May 30 is considered official.


Each team will be provided with 1 chip per registered rider, which will be placed in an envelope with the corresponding race number. The chips must not be exchanged, upon penalty of a deduction of 2 laps. Within 2 hours after the end of the event, each team representative must return the team’s chips to the location established by the organizers. The organizers will charge the team €35 for every missing chip.


Riders will be supplied with front and back numbers to aid in the identification of individual athletes (the numbers do not correspond to start order). Teams must respect the number-athlete combinations indicated on the list provided with the race packets. The numbers must be positioned on the right and always be visible.


Riders on the same team must wear the same race jersey, with the exception of professional athletes. Multiple teams will not be allowed to wear the same jerseys.

Rain/wind jacket:

In case of bad weather, a transparent rain jacket is recommended to allow identification of the team and race number.

Professional, elite and U23 riders:

Every regularly registered team is allowed to field a maximum of 6 riders belonging to the professional, elite and U23 categories. These riders will participate in a purely promotional capacity, and their laps will not count toward the final classification.


  1. Riders are free to exchange whenever they see fit.
  2. Exchanges must take place within the area indicated by the organizers and marked with the number corresponding to the race number of the team.
  3. At the start of the 24 hours, the first 10 positions inside the exchange area will be assigned to the first 10 teams of the previous edition, with the rest in order of registration. At noon on Saturday, June 11, the race directors will change the first 10 exit positions based on the classification at that moment.
  4. Only riders who are preparing to enter the race may be inside the exchange area, including the entrance passageway. In the event that more than one rider of the same team is present at the same time, a warning will be given the first time, and the second infraction will result in a 1-lap penalty.
  5. Riders must start from the exchange area with a foot on the ground. Otherwise, after a first verbal warning, a 1-lap penalty will be issued.
  6. An area reserved for team representatives will be set up in front of the exchange zone.
  7. Exchanges between riders in the race will take place in designated areas with an entrance lane and an exit lane. The passage will be managed electronically, with the time margin between the entrance and exit of the team’s riders evaluated by the race jury based on the exit and entrance times recorded when the riders cross the timing mats. Early entrances will be penalized with the deduction of 2 laps.
  8. In the last 10 minutes of the race, exchanges are absolutely forbidden.


Once a rider enters the race circuit, he or she must complete al least 2 laps of the circuit, or the rider’s team will be assessed a 2-lap penalty. The presence on the race circuit of more than one rider from the same team will result in a 2-lap penalty.

Safety Car:

In the event of an accident involving one or more participants, a wet road surface due to rain, or other occurrences that could compromise the safety of the route, the safety car will enter the circuit.

From the moment the safety car enters the circuit, for any of the reasons cited, the race will be neutralized and the lap count stopped for all the teams.

The race will resume as soon as the safety car exits the circuit, upon communication from the race director.

If the safety car enters due to an accident, the teams of the riders involved may substitute those riders while the safety car is on the circuit.

Traffic flow:

During the race, participants must stay to the right and leave room for faster riders to pass on the left.

Flat tires:

In the event of a flat tire or other mechanical problem, changing the tire or wheel or making any other necessary repairs is the responsibility of the rider.

In the event of a mechanical problem, the rider must still complete his or her current lap in the correct direction and exit from the circuit rather than turning around and riding back against the flow of the race.

Any type of mechanical assistance alongside or within the race circuit is forbidden, upon penalty of disqualification.


During the nighttime hours, from 20:00 to 6:00, lights are mandatory; they must be clearly visible and attached only to the bike frame. The race directors, at their sole discretion, may prevent riders from starting if they are not in compliance with the rules.

Hard-shell helmet:



Handlebar extensions and aero bars are forbidden. Road bikes or mountain bikes may be used. In the event of a mechanical failure, a bicycle can be changed during the race.


The team that has completed the most laps at the end of the 24 hours wins.

In the event that teams are tied on laps, the classification will be determined based on the order across the finish line on the lap following the conclusion of the 24 hours.

For safety reasons, the final sprint should be contested only between riders on teams with the same number of laps.


Overall prizes:

– the first 5 teams in the classification

– the first 3 women’s teams

Special prizes for:

– The first team in the classification whose riders are all licensed members of the same club

– The first team in the classification with at least 3 women. Every woman must ride a total of at least 18 laps. In the event of an accident during the race that prevents a female team member from completing her 18 laps (the injury must be confirmed by the medical personnel on duty during the race), the uncompleted laps must be ridden by the two remaining women, upon penalty of the team’s exclusion from the classification.

– the most spirited team

– the first team from outside the Veneto

– the fastest foreign team

– the fastest bar team

– the last team in the classification

– the fastest bike shop team

– the fastest company team, with the team composed of at least 50% employees (documentation demonstrating employment must be provided)

– the “Luca Zambenedetti” prize to the male rider completing the most laps

– the “Giovanna Emanuelli” prize to the female rider completing the most laps

The special prizes will be offered if there are at least 4 teams per category.

The first 5 teams in the overall classification will not participate in the classifications for the special prizes. The organizers reserve the right to communicate the availability of additional prizes prior to the start of the race.

The teams are required to indicate which ONE special prize they intend to compete for. To enable the largest number of teams to win prizes, the various teams may compete for only one special prize each.


Any complaints during the event must be presented in written form to the race directors, who will evaluate them together with the competent authorities (organizers and race jury).

Any claims regarding the results of the race must be presented via fax (+39 0439 300600) within 24 hours of the publication of the official classification on the website, accompanied by a €50 deposit, which will be returned in the event of an accepted claim.

Claims and complaints presented to the managers of the timing service will not be accepted.


Team assistance area:

The organizers will make available to the teams an area for technical assistance (for tents, gazebos or campers) near the finish area. Each space available is 5 m x 6 m (vehicles larger than this will not be allowed), with a total of about 10 spaces. The remaining spaces will be allocated at the sole discretion of the organizers. The teams interested in a space must make a reservation request at the time of registration. The spaces, while they last, will then be assigned at the discretion of the organizing committee and presented by a representative of the organization on Friday, June 10, 2014, at 15:00. The other teams may use other areas for assistance in Prà del Moro (near the ice rink), where no reservations are needed. Here, teams are kindly asked to make room for everyone and not occupy too much space. Advertising material is allowed only in the area assigned by the organizers to each team, next to the team’s own tent or vehicle, and not on the barriers along the race circuit.

Team assistance – food related:

Prohibition: In accordance with regulations relating to the preparation and serving of food, the event organizers, in cooperation with the municipal police and ULSS 2 (the local health authority), have established that each assistance area be allowed the use of a single tank of gas, a single fire to heat food, and a grill. The sale and serving of food or beverages to persons other than the team (only riders and friends and family) is forbidden, as is the sale of souvenirs or other products under penalty of expulsion of the team from the race and of those responsible from the assistance area.

Every team is REQUIRED to fill out the ULSS form supplied by the organizers and return it, completed in its entirety, by no later than Monday, June 8,

  • in person to the office at Via Montelungo 21 in Feltre,
  • via email to or
  • via fax to +39 0439 300600.

The documentation will then be sent to ULSS 2 in Feltre for any further action. Failure to submit the completed form will result in the team losing its right to a space in the assistance area.

“Adopt an individual” (Only One): The organization is promoting the “adopt an individual” initiative among all the teams registered for the 24-hour race.

Each team will be asked if it is willing to host an “Only One” rider during the race. It is a voluntary initiative that should not affect anyone’s participation but is intended as a way to make the solo riders (who may not be able to bring friends or family along) feel part of the big celebration of cycling.

Teams can inform the organizers if they are willing to participate in this initiative.

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